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Criss Angel's Hand Through Body Revealed
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Grand Puertolas and his Russian bodyguard explain how Criss Angel passes his arm through a person during a show.

Original Performance by Criss Angel:




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TrickBusters Make Sense
The TrickBuster Make Sense

the black guy never move his right hand and the black guy's shirt was extended out a little like he had something in his shirt and the arm that came out of the guys shirt looked different than criss angels arm

like there's white makeup on the black guys arm but it didn't cover all the way showing some black through the makeup
chrisb202 , August 01, 2009
Ok, all you viewers of this sight, there is only a few tricks that criss angel does. THIS is NOT 1 if you see the black guy (not racist), his hands are black and is sticking out of his pockets a little, watch the video and watch his pockets, .
Serloin Steak Melt , May 09, 2009

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