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David Blaine - Frozen In Time Revealed
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David Blaine entombs himself in a huge block of ice for 63 hours. He had only six inches of room all around him, had no sleep, and fully recovered in one month.

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David Blaine - Frozen In Time Performance:


David Blaine - Frozen In Time Explanation:


Comments (13)

Other possiblities
The video had a few basic facts wrong. It wasn't for a week, it was for less than three days (63 hours), and he had a tube supply him with water and another one for his urine to be removed. The body double scenario seems rather unlikely and lame. But one interesting fact from the video was that inside a block of ice is approximately 53 degrees. So it's certainly a plausible environment to be in for 63 hours with proper endurance and most likely, some sort of aid (which is where the trickery would come into play). The key item I think is the platform... not to be used as a trapdoor as the video suggests, but being a vehicle to pump in modest amounts of warm air inside and/or inserting retractable beams that could go up his pant legs and offer him a support and prevent him from falling onto the ice.
Walkingfool , November 23, 2013
You guys have to understand that David Blaine isn't going to tell other magicians his trick. So this guy who is doing this trick isn't showing how Blaine did it, he's showing how he would do it.

I'd like Blaine to explain how he really did it. Maybe after he retires, he'll tell us the tricks. The method is better than the illusion.
W. Axl Rose , July 27, 2013
Ice or no ice
I was in NYC when David performed this trick and being the non believer I am stayed outside the place where I could see him clearly about 12 inches in front of me. My cousin and I actually took turns watching David in the ice and he never left. Not through any trap doors or through any camera tricks. He was there the entire time and when he came out he was taken to the hospital directly to make sure he was OK. David has amazing endurance and is a great one to watch!
mwpv11 , February 21, 2013
I was there
worked the camera crew for ABC. Blaine's a wack job. He did it for a little less than 3 days, I was camped out there the whole time. No body double, no trickery. He did it...the block of ice he was in was much clearer and they weren't blowing it off to create diversions like they do in this video
Me , February 17, 2013
I think that the masked magician is not doing it the way that David did it
great philipe12 , January 16, 2013
not the same as Blaine...
Whether there was "trickery" or not....I could never be encased in ice for as long as David Blaine...PERIOD. And neither could most of you!
JimNickiRuthKethaGideon , December 10, 2012
It is possible
David did not switchsmilies/grin.gif
Poopallot , April 28, 2012
Nice alternative theory, however...
This is an explanation of how a similar effect can be produced through trickery; however, David Blaine actually was encapsulated in ice (within inches of the ice, but not touching) for three days straight.

There was no trickery involved in his version. Obviously the skin could not contact the ice for fear of frostbite, et al... Beyond that, the truly impressive feat was standing up for three days under severe sleep deprivation.

This method is ultimately not as convincing as the real deal. There is no question David Blaine's method was genuine.
CardShark , June 24, 2011
63 horus = 2 days and 15 hours
not 7 days you TARDS.
wizard , March 10, 2011
david blaine frozen in time
the guy above me anon is actually right. they showed how they did it on the show "breaking the magicians" code, blaine have actually a body double whom he switches places every 8 hours. this happens when the guys with the ice making tool refreshes the big block of ice,where the trap door beneath blaine opens and switches with his body double. now the cameras that actually portray of blaine "INSIDE" the ice is pre recorded even before he perfomed the trick. Now it is actually impossible for a person to be in ice with no food and water and sleep for 7 days. that is just silly.
clkdragzta , August 28, 2010
It clearly says DAVID BLAINE EXPLANATION and revealed or whatever? wtf he was not entombed with 8 pieces of ice dummy. he REALLY did it. DUHH its not a freakin MAGIC TRICK it's just inhumane behavior. just him stating that he could do it. p.s. he didnt do it for 7 DAYS
4real , June 27, 2010
Whats missing
From what I recall, this is very much done with a body double, whom switches with Blaine every 8 hours. The switch is done when the ice is being "refreshed" or being sprayed by a guy to appear like maintenance for the ice. There is a hatch underneath where Blaine would be standing, underneath is a bed and access to things every human needs to survive. Inside the ice tomb, its actually not that much colder than it would be outside of it, maybe a couple of degrees colder.
anon , June 21, 2010
that explained absolutely nothing...
anon , June 21, 2010

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