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Harry Houdini - Milk Can Escape Revealed
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houdinimilkcanescape.jpg Milk Can Escape was an escape created by Harry Houdini in 1908 and introduced in St. Louis. Houdini would escape from inside a giant milk can filled with water. It became a very popular trick and he took it on tour throughout the U.S., England, and Germany.

The Effect: Houdini would be handcuffed and sealed inside an over-sized milk can filled with water and make his escape behind a curtain. As part of the effect, Houdini would invite members of the audience to hold their breath along with him while he was inside the can. Advertised with dramatic posters that proclaimed "Failure Means A Drowning Death", the escape proved to be a sensation.

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Harry Houdini - Milk Can Escape Explanation:

Breaking Magician Code 2008 - New Illusion Revealed
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Reality MyNetworkTV presents the all -new series, "Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed" starring the Masked Magician. They uncover a lot of Criss Angel and David Blaine trick. 5 Stars! Recommended!!


Making a 5 Ton Elephant Appear in an Empty Parking Lot:

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David Blaine - Frozen In Time Revealed
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David Blaine entombs himself in a huge block of ice for 63 hours. He had only six inches of room all around him, had no sleep, and fully recovered in one month.

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David Blaine - Frozen In Time Performance:

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Knife Through Arm Revealed
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The best cut from a knife in your arm Tutorial revealed!! Watch below video for the secret:

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Criss Angel Metamorphosis Revealed
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Do you want to know ho Criss Angel can turned a little girl into a 20 year old? Watch this revealation movie for free!

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