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Criss Angel - Vanishing Illusion Revealed
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Criss Angel made himself vanish in front of hundreds of spectators? What is the secrets behind this great trick?

The explanation is always simple! He hides behind a mirror! Watch the video for more detail explanation!


Criss Angel Vanish - Explanation:


Criss Angel Bike Jump Revealed
(4 votes)
The Tricks: Criss Angel attempts to jump 100 foot ramp on his dirt bike and disappear in mid air as a blast of fire goes off.

Explanation: This video explores the question of special effects versus illusion. If special effects and film edits are used to create or enhance an effect, can you call the effect a legitimate illusion? You decide.


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Psychic Surgery Revealed!
(2 votes)
The famous psychic surgery finally revealed from rational point of view! Watch two alternatives explanation: First is from Trickbusters and the second is from master magician James Randi.

Part 1: Explanation From Trickbusters:

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Ear Piercing Trick Revealed!
(1 vote)
Watch and learn this cool illusion: Ear Piercing. Dan Chan will teach you how to do this easy to do trick with only your finger. Completely impromptu!

Meir Yedid's Finger Vanish Revealed! - Explanation
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This trick is based from Meir Yedid's Pinky Vanish! Very cool trick to scare your friends! Practice and have fun. You could also try this trick using ring finger.

Pinky Vanish Performance:

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