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Criss Angel - Vanish from a Cabin in Air Revealed
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Criss Angel always performs an unbelievable magic that defying any laws of physics! In this illusion, Criss Angel is closed in a cabin and suspended in the air. In a blink of eye, he will escape and reappear on the ground and make a quick exchange with one of his assistants. Is this real? Of course not! Grand Puertolas of Trickbusters, will explain how this trick is done from the rational point of view. Enjoy!

Vanish from a Cabin in Air - Original Performance:

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Criss Angel - Passing Through Iron Gate Revealed
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Do you want to know how Criss Angel could pass his body though the solid iron gate? Well, its not very hard to figure out if you know the basic principle of magic!

Passing through Iron Gate Original Performance:

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D-Lites Trick Tutorial
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D’Lite Flight is a specialized effect that has the potential to liven up stage and other stand-up acts. -Wayne N. Kawamoto

Imagine being able to show your hands empty and pluck lights out of the air . You can pass the light through your head up your nose, your ear and then vanish without a trace! You can even make the light come and go, travel from one object to another, fly over your body, toss it to your friends, then do it all over again and again. D'lites are easy to operate and this is one of the most powerful gimmick!

D'Lites Performance by Rocco:

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Criss Angel Grand Canyon Death Jump Revealed
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Magician Criss Angel will attempt a death defying teleportation jump over the Grand Canyon as one of the extraordinary and spectacular illusion he has planned to show in his Mindfreak season 6. Criss Angel jumped from over the Grand Canyon using a car. When he was at the edge of Canyon, the car exploded and suddenly he appeared at the cage alive.

He claimed that this illusion was done without any camera tricks. Is that true? Find out the secret behind this great illusion only at xploremagic.com!

Grand Canyon Death Jump Original Performance:

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Criss Angel Teleportation Revealed
(11 votes)

Criss Angel disappeared after he was covered by something like trash bin and reappeared at the top of the building. This performance was saw by dozens of people and he did it live at the street! Does he has some supernatural power and could do a teleportation from one place to another? Check out the secret here!

Criss Angel Teleportation Performance:

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