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Head Drop Illusion Revealed
(27 votes)

How would you react if you see the opposite person's Head Drop suddenly while talking?

Japanese magician Cyril Takayama has perform this routine on T.H.E.M tv show . Want to know the secret? Then watch this video! The idea and concept behind this trick is superb!

Head Drop Illusion Performance:

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Impaling a Woman With a Sword Revealed
(5 votes)

This is a dangerous trick! Do not try this illusion at home!

The Masked Magician reveals the secrets to some of magic's classic illusions. The magician stabs a sword into her assistant stomach and straight to her body. But magically she doesn't hurt at all. What is the secret? Check out this video to learn it!

Criss Angel Building Walk Revealed
(10 votes)

How did Criss Angel walk down the building? This video will explain how he defies gravity with horizontal stroll. Enjoy!

Building Walk - Original Performance:

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Houdini's Fish Bowl Revealed
(6 votes)

This is a trick made popular by Harry Houdini.  The Masked magician will teach you how Harry Houdini makes a fish bowl appear out of nowhere with a fish and water. Nice trick to do at party!

Houdini's Fish Bowl Explanation:

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Passing Through a Steel Plate Revealed
(5 votes)
This is one of the classic illusion that has been performed for thousand of times by famous magician arround the world! Effect: The magician walking through solid plate as if he is a ghost.

Passing Through a Steel Plate Explanation:



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