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Vanishing Elephant by Paul Daniels Revealed
(10 votes)

In a field surrounded with spectators, Paul Daniels make an elephant vanish. He uses no camera tricks or mirrors. Where do you think the elephant go? Find out the answer here at xploremagic.com!

Vanishing Elephant - Original Performance by Paul Daniels:

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Giant Three Card Monte Revealed
(6 votes)

Do you familiar with three card monte street game? Have you ever seen the illusion using three card monte principle? Then watch this clip when the magician revealed the biggest secret behind the giant three card monte illusion!

Making Girls Appear in a Crystal Cylinder Revealed
(2 votes)
The secret behind the famous illusion that have been kept for hundred of years finally revealed! The magician will use his power to summons the women behind the empty crystal cylinder.

Teleportation Revealed
(9 votes)
The magician will attempt to teleport the woman from one cabin to another in front of thousands of spectators. The same trick that is being used by David Copperfield in his shows called portal. How this trick is done? Check out the secret only at xploremagic.com!

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Making Dancers Disappear From a Stage Revealed
(4 votes)
4 beautiful dancers suddenly disappear from a stage after the magician cast his spell. How he do it? What is the secret behind this great trick? Check out the secret for free only at xploremagic.com!

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