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Head Drop Illusion Revealed
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How would you react if you see the opposite person's Head Drop suddenly while talking?

Japanese magician Cyril Takayama has perform this routine on (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic) T.H.E.M show . Want to know the secret? Then watch this video! The idea and concept behind this trick is superb!

Head Drop Illusion Performance:


Head Drop Illusion Explanation:


Head Drop Illusion - Another Explanation:


Comments (14)

is it possible to contact members on here personaaly i would like to speak with illusionist if possible.about the head drop ,i agree .i,ve spent weeks making a really good one but i,m stuk at the holding the head bit, i practice magic and am employing everything i can think off.like he said [if it is 'he']if i can t get help and do itproper then it will go in the bin
dale t , February 25, 2013
the count
i would like to contact some members of this forum is that possible
dale t , February 25, 2013
thank you very much, now i can use it on hallowen
go , October 31, 2011
no hands?
I have to agree... If u can't use ur hands to catch Ur head it just looks like Ur bending over while holding a wire up to ur neck. If u can't do it right its better not to do it at all.
alex543 , September 20, 2011
There are a number of different individuals or small companies selling gimicks for the head drop illusion. However any that I have seen are a completely different method and different performance than Cyril uses, or any other professional demonstrations of it that I have seen. If you have to keep your hands in your pockets then you are not able to "catch" your head when it "falls." Catching the head (subtle as it is) ... Is the convincing point of the illusion. Why do you think the professional versions can catch their head?.... Because it otherwise is a weak illusion. If the hands have to be kept in the pockets then it looks like you are doing EXACTLY what you really are doing! its is best not to present the illusion at all if you can not catch you head with both hands. I can not over stress this point. It is very simple to make a gimick that will let your head "float" down your chest while your hands are in you pockets... But it is such a poor demonstration. I spent countless hours fabricating my head drop to be able to catch my head in my hands (without my shoulders rising as it happens). It was difficult... But so worth the trouble. I have heard of people using the pocket method and having someone else catch their head. Visually that isn't very convincing either because if someone else were to catch your head they would not slide it up the center of your chest to put it back on. They would lift it closer to them and then place it back on your shoulders. Basically... If you yourself can not catch your head at waist level with one hand under your chin and one hand ontop of your head (without your shoulders moving up or down from their original and natural position).. then please just do a completely different illusion... One you can do completely and convincingly. Otherwise you are just revealing methods and weakening good illusions. Please don't take this as me bashing anyone at all. Im just trying to preserve good magic... Which in the long run is in the best interest for everyone who takes magic serriously or focuses on it as their profession.
Mars , September 20, 2011
Dropping head illusion
Please does anyone know where i can purchase this illusion? Or who can make it for me? Please contact me if you do.
ruddy , August 29, 2011
Hoho thank you for this, this is really good, besides when i watched this video, i saw that tho see this on another site , u have to pay, and here its free smilies/smiley.gif thank you so much!!!!
yoyoyoyoyo , November 11, 2010
Hey what else can we use besides the bar? because i'm having trouble finding a piece of metal like that and bend it like yours is bent. any suggestions?
Soy Sauce , September 29, 2010
Head Drop
This is not the actual method used by Cyril Takayama. Notice, in his performance the hands are not in the pockets.
magicdude , July 21, 2010
the video is down so can anyone please tell me how?smilies/grin.gif thanks.
... , February 07, 2010
The video is down..
Alex91 , February 07, 2010
Thank you SO much! I'm looking forward to stunning all my friends! smilies/wink.gif
MeTaLiCsKiTtLeS , December 30, 2009
Thx for headdrop revealed
Thank so much for the head drop revealed. I have been searching for along time.
% stars...Keep uploading....Wish you all the success
Vortexwin , December 20, 2009
This trick is CRAZYYYY!! Thank you very much!!smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif
5 Stars!
Jay Sankey , November 01, 2009

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