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Liu Qian's Arm Through Glass Table Revealed
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Liu Qian is a famous celebrity Taiwanese magician. On the evening of Chinese New Year 2010, he was invited onto one TV programme, where he performed this amazing trick. Liu Qian was able to push his arm through solid glass table to pick up the coin underneath the table in close proximity range of his audiences.

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Liu Qian Performance:


Arm Through Table Explanation:


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just answering the first comment "random?nothing a magician does, EVER, is random"
dude seriously , August 08, 2012
Well, it does seem to explain the round table trick, but is it all true? I was watching a Japanese television show. As you might have already guessed, he was the guest there. But he did the very same trick with something else. The audience (they were airing it outside) picked a random vending machine inside a shop. Then, he did the same trick as he did with the table: he put his hands inside the vending machine & was able to take the item(s) out. He couldn't have prepared the hole when everyone was watching him. True, we couldn't really see the exact point of him putting his arms in. But still, someone would've certainly saw if he had something. Also, he made someone else's hands go through too... And after he had finished, he took away his arms and nothing suspicious was on the vending machine (he couldn't have adjusted it because it's a public property).
Also (considering his other trick) he got a random card from this random shop (I know it was random because the audience chose the shop) He (and the 2 audience) went to the front of the shop window. Then, he told one of the audiences to sign one of the cards (business card that was on the counter of the shop) he got. He threw the cards against the store window. Then, on the other side of the window, the card the person had signed was there. Better yet, it was inside the picture flame that was coincidently right behind the window, in display. When the audience took it out, it was surely her signature. He couldn't have set up a trap because it was a randomly chosen shop, the camera was following him where ever he went, and that was his first time in the shop.... amazing is what I think.
Fuji-san , June 24, 2012
I am interested in magician
Where do I can buy real glass round table with private magic?
Wesley Conley , April 08, 2012
I watched the performance and almost crapped my pants!!!! OMG THAT WAS AMAZING
Kulshe Konduse , December 26, 2011
Really nice and clear explanation. I wonder if somebody could help translate the conversation.
Magiku , September 16, 2011

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