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Spirit Cabinet Revealed
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In the early part of last centuries, the great Harry Houdini spent most of his time debunking phony psychics and fake medium. In this video, the Masked Magician are about to do the same thing. He will revealed the secrets of classic illusion involving spirit and supernatural.

Spirit Cabinet Performance:


Spirit Cabinet Explanation:


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Sorry for these bad sentences.
I write with my phoje smilies/smiley.gif
magican , August 11, 2013
The cabinet is thd best illusion i have ever seen.
But thjs is not the explaination.
Maybe it is real. Why not
Nobody could prove it

I hate tge masked nagican
Hes and idiot eho only wants money

Butvtgis are not the real explaibations ofvthe tricks.
So jt is better for good illusionists
He js only cheap and bad
magican , August 11, 2013
Fu_ck You
Mad Man , September 09, 2012
Spirit Cabinet
Where is the explanation?
Ted , April 08, 2012

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