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Thirteen by David Copperfield Revealed
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The Trickbusters, mighty solvers of mysteries, explain how David Copperfield could make 13 random selected people vanish from a platform suspended in the air and surrounded by a live audience.

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I was also one of the 13 one night in Vegas. It is so well done than even the 13 had difficulties understanding how they could vanish from the stage. A few of us discussed after the show and really could not figure out what happened to us. Of course, there are things that I am not telling you but, eventhough, it remains a mystery for all.
Superb trick!
Lionel , May 29, 2013
and more
Just I believe there's no one hides in the box and the hand is a fake one...
someone , February 18, 2013
Your explanation is impressive, i accidentally have a companion sit on chair, a companion who is supposed to be observe the process on the field and one sitting at front seat.. By just watching video it's good enough to have these conclusions for you. Since I know more I can tell you are right smilies/cheesy.gif
someone , February 18, 2013
You are an idiot.... I was one of the thirteen tonight at MGM Las Vegas and the way you described it happened is SO FAR from what actually took place! I suggest you watch the show and hope that you get picked randomly... only then will you experience the true magic of David Copperfield!
Sonny , January 14, 2013
Not at all
I was one of the thirteen one night in Vegas. What actually happened is quite different from what you describe. It is MUCH more sophisticated, so much sophisticated that the thirteen themselves cannot understand the trick. I would not be surprised that you work with David Copperfield to confuse people so they never know the trick.
Take Lionel , December 15, 2012
very nice video
Impressed really thanks.
Oyun , February 26, 2011
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