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Zig Zag Girl Revealed
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Since its invention in the mid 1960s, it has been hailed as one of the greatest illusions ever invented

The Effect:

The assistant (usually a woman) is placed in an upright cabinet, her face, hands, and left foot visible through openings in the cabinet's front. Large, metallic blades are inserted horizontally in the cabinet's mid-section, dividing it — and presumably the assistant inside — into thirds. The magician then slides the cabinet's mid-section apart from the cabinet's top and bottom thirds, giving the appearance that the assistant's mid-section has been pulled away from the rest of her, giving her a "zig-zag" shape. While divided, a small door on the cabinet's mid-section can be opened to examine — even touch — the assistant's body inside, a duty frequently performed by an audience member brought up on stage to help perform the illusion. At the completion of the illusion, the assistant's mid-section is slid back into place, the two blades removed, and she steps out of the cabinet unscathed.

Zig Zag Girl Performance:


Zig Zag Girl Explanation:

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Wrong video
Wrong video,
sacke , November 30, 2011

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