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Zombie Ball Magic Revealed
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The zombie ball is a magic illusion in which a metal sphere on a small pedestal is covered with a silk cloth, and appears to levitate upwards carrying the cloth with it. The magician continues to hold two corners of the cloth. The ball dances and seemingly moves of its own accord. The effect was invented by magician Joe Karson, in the 1940s.

Now the masked magician will reveal the secret behind the classic zombie ball trick!

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Secrecy, you came to this page through your own will and yet you complain about a magic trick being revealed? Where the hell is the logic in that? it's entirely your own fault.

Thanks for the explanation, It's nice to see magic, but I like to see what's behind it.
Scoou , August 04, 2012
great ball on a stick
ball on a stick
great stuff
magicman121212 , July 21, 2012
why the hell do you have to ruin the magic for the public
you are a f.....g d..k
secrecy , January 25, 2012

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