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About Me
My name is Ali, I am a Magician , I do the magic show for Entertainment. From 23 years I have been doing the magic show. Till now i have completed more than 6,000 shows all over the world. I have visited many Countries for magic show such as Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Behrain, etc........ I have received the National Award 3 times. My show's duration is of 1 hour. I do the magic in 2 types Close-up and Stage show. I have done many show such as in Birthday Parties, Get Together, Companies, Industries, product launching, etc..... I have done in T.V shows also, I have got the 1st prize in 'SAARC' Magic Competition.
Cell No : +919849191212
Email : magician1ali@gmail.com
Website : www.magicianali.com

(By : Magician Ali)
MALAKPET, hyderabad, ap, India, 500023
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Stage
  • Street
  • Children's Entertainers
Video Performance
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byraj, March 21, 2010