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Doing magic is my hobby i do magic to make smile on peoples faces and i have ability to catch any magic instantly me and my brother both have some supernatural powers given by god to save this world and also we have the key to decode every mystery which was coded from thousand years ex. who was the founder of hindi,english and urdu language,what is 666,what is the real meaning of earth kept by eagle,what is swastik,etc and more u will find on my website http://www.666groupinternational.tk
29/1, jiwani mai road, rishikesh, uttarakhand, India, 249201
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Illusionists
  • Street
  • Mentalism
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byVikrant sharma, September 16, 2011
Sab ki aur khali hath dikha phir hatheli ko hawa mein dheere-2 hilate - hilate, muthi bana kar mano hawa ko ek hatheli ki muthi mein masalte-masalte hath mein without miss direction, asmaak nahi balki sirf halki si hil-jul yani moment se kuch Unidentified object dikhna. Isse pehle ki koi kuch samajh paye ke with in sec. uske hath mein ek bada sa nariyal ya dhoop ka gota ya phir ek badi mishri ki dali aa jana ya dikhne lagna YANI I THINK YE MAGIC JISMEIN SHAYAD MISS DIRECTION YA INSTANT JAISA KUCH NAHI... ab bataye plz..

If sum1 shows an empty hand to others and then waves the palm into the air slowly, closes the fist and as if rubs the air into the fist and doesn’t miss any direction, and shows a certain unidentified object with only a slight movement. And before anyone could realise within seconds a big coconut or a dhoop comes into his hand or it can also be a sugar block ..or suddenly things come to his hand not quickly but slowly they feel as if made into and growing bigger into his hands..