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Just An Amateur Magician With Many Talent... You can watch Axel's Magic videos and performance in this Link : www.deanaxel.tk Axel is the most talented Young Magician from Indonesia...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Stage,Comedy,Street,Children's Entertainers,Escape Artists,Hypnotist

Ben D'frozien

punggur, lampung, sumatra, indonesia, Punggur, sumatra, Indonesia, 345221
I am a little magician from Lampung, Indonesia. I live in Punggur and just wanna to say that I'm so special, because I'm a magician, I can do anything with anything.
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Stage,Street,Mentalism,Children's Entertainers,Hypnotist

Rizky Ais

Rizky Ais is a Mind Illusionist. Mind Illusionist is someone who reads mind, predict the future, hypnotise, controls mind through using the techniques of magic, misdirection, psychology, suggestion and showmanship. Rizky's purpose is to entertain people u ...
Magic SpecialtyStage,Street,Mentalism,Hypnotist

Yan Payjo

Surakarta, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, 57486
I am a Mentalist that perform comedy & extrem
Magic SpecialtyStage,Comedy,Mentalism,Pickpocket,Hypnotist,Psychic Entertainers

Yana Triward

I am an amateur magician from Indonesia, my specialty is Mentalism and Cardician, I also learn card Flourish. I started magic since 2009.
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Stage,Street,Mentalism