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Indecent by Wayne Houchin Revealed
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A card penetrates the bag right before your eyes


The effect: A card is selected from any deck. It's a free choice, no force at all. Then the spectator signed it. The card is then lost in the deck, then shuffled. The cards are then dribbled on top of a sealed Ziploc bag. Slowly, the bag is lifted up from underneath the chaos of cards to show that one card is sealed INSIDE the bag -- the spectator's signed card.

Indecent Original Performance:


Indecent Explanation:


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Great job
Isn't this mismag822 from youtube?
OMG! , July 11, 2012
u legend
u rok , July 11, 2009
i dunno
im pretty sure wayne does it differently
Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! , July 07, 2009
You're fantastic! Amazing! Thank you!
MagoSuseppe , June 19, 2009
great tutorial bro
galacticos #$ 09 , June 13, 2009

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