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Asher Twist Revealed
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Impressive impromptu card effect with only four regular cards! Mind Blowing!

Aces turn face down and face up in the most magical way. Follow along with the cards in hand as you discover this visually explosive technique. Lee Asher invented this effect when he was only 15 years old!

Asher Twist - Original Performance by Lee Asher:

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Poisonous Card Trick Tutorial
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The Poisonous Card Trick is similar to the World's Best Card Trick, but in this case, it's how we perform with different intervals.

The Poisonous Card Trick Performance:


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Card on Ceiling Revealed
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The Effect: A spectator signs a card and places it in the deck. After wraping the deck with rubberbands, you toss to the ceiling high above the heads of your audience and smack! the signed card sticks to the ceiling while the rest of the deck comes back down!

The Secret: Watch the explanation video!

Card on Ceiling - Performance:


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Million Dollar Monte Revealed
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Is the hand quicker than the eye?

This trick will prove it! A great take on the classic 3 card monte card trick. Learn this secret only at xploremagic.com.

Performance - Million Dollar Monte (Ulti-Monte):

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Devil's Elevator Trick Revealed
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This is an amazing classic trick from the mid 50's. Originally created by Dai Vernon and Bruce Cervon. Be very warned, you might need eye bleach by the end of this card trick! This amazing secret will be explained here so you can amaze your friends also.

Devil's Elevator Performance:

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