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Chicago Opener Card Trick - Tutorial
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Here is the tutorial for the greatest card trick in the world, or the chicago opener. Enjoy!


Find The Lady Trick Revealed
(4 votes)
Find the lady is a confidence game in which the victim, or mark, is tricked into betting a sum of money that he can find the money card, for example the queen of spades, among three face-down playing cards. This clip will teach you how to make a gimmick for this trick plus a performance.

Learn Kaos Card Trick - Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is the instructional video for Kaos trick created by Sean Beard. Prerequisite move: False Shuffle and Palming card. Practice and perform this trick to your friends and you'll get a huge reaction! Enjoy!


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Floating Card Trick Tutorial
(3 votes)
A card is selected by a spectator then the magician makes it float in mid air! You just need a card and a plastic. Once you learn the secret, you will be able to perform this illusion. Enjoy and let we know your opinion.

Afflack! Card Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)

Previously named "Hezbollah" or better known as "The Best Card Trick Ever". This trick is a variation from "Red Hot Mamacita".

Click here to learn the Red Hot Mamacita trick.

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