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Red Hot Mamacita Tutorial
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This is the tutorial for "Red Hot Mamacita" or known as "The Best Card Trick Ever". Actually it may not  be the best trick, but it is cool though.

There is a slight variation of this trick, and it is called as "Afflack". Click here to learn Afflack.


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Three Card Monte Revealed
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Three-card Monte, also known as the Three-card marney, Three-card trick, Three-card shuffle, Follow the lady, Find the lady, or Follow the Bee is a confidence game in which the victim, or mark, is tricked into betting a sum of money that he can find the money card, for example the queen of spades, among three face-down playing cards.

This video will show you what is the secret behind this trick and a strategy for always winning the bet.


A clip of "The Professor" Dai Vernon performing the 3 card monte from the early 1980's.

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Learn Card Thru Table - Tutorial
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This is the performance and tutorial for card thru table trick. Michael Ammar will teach you step by step tutorial on how to perform this trick. He will show you also the showmanship to amaze the audiences. Killer card effect that will blow up your spectators mind!

Quick As A Wink Card Trick Tutorial
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Quick as a wink is an awesome sandwhich effect that has been one of the most reliable and impromptu tricks in card tricks! This video will teach you how to do this amazing magic!

Performance and Tutorial:

David Blaine's Here Then There Trick Revealed
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This clip is the explanation for David Blaine "Here Then There" Trick. You just need a duplicate card and do a double lift. Very easy to do!


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