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Renegade Revealed
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The Effect: The magician shuffle a deck then your spectator choose one card. The card is lost in the deck. The magician then shuffle the deck and made the cards completely messed up, some cards are going face up and some face down.  In the ending, the magician snap his finger and the deck is magically restored to conformity. All cards face the same way except the spectator's chosen card!

Renegade Performance:

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Witness Revealed
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A chosen card transforms inside the sealed bag

An original idea from Lee Asher. The Effect: You remove a bag from your pocket. Inside - sealed - is a Joker. The spectator then choose a card, free choice of course. The Joker, held securely between the spectator's palms, 'transforms' into the selection! Never once is the bag opened. Everything can be handed out for examination.

Witness Original Performance:

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Lennart Green Rain Man Revealed
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Self-working and easy-to-do card tricks!

This effect is a different presentation of what many will know as the Jeopardy routine by Paul Green. He created such an easy card mentalism trick to baffle your spectators mind. The preparation and presentation is very easy indeed!

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Rain Man Performance and Tutorial:

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Daniel Garcia - .44 Revealed
(7 votes)

.44 is beautiful, simple, and great impromptu card trick. I adopted .44 to an opener to an eventual spectator cutting to the aces! AMAZING!

A visual transposition of two packets of four cards (as chosen by spectators). An effect that can be performed spur of the moment.Four Aces held by a spectator transpose with the Jacks in your hand... twice. Each move is taught in unparalleled detail.

.44 Original Performance:

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Daniel Garcia - Timeline 2.0 Revealed
(7 votes)

Powerful effects that are as visual as magic gets. Each is completely impromptu - no crazy gimmicks are required!

A card trick based on the mystery card plot.

The Effect: A card with an odd back is removed from your pocket as the 'prediction'. You have the spectator sign it across the back and it is placed securely into the card box - which is then held by the spectator.

You spread another deck and have a card selected. You ask the spectator if it matches the prediction in the case - but they find it has vanished. You tell them to turn over the card in their hand and it is the original signed prediction. Super simple. Incredibly powerful.

Original Performance:

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