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Search And Destroy Card Trick Revealed
(9 votes)

The best sandwich trick of all time!

The Effect: The spectator chose one card, it is completely a free choice. The card is remembered and returned to the pack. Two kings enter the deck face-up and begin a search and destroy mission. One step at a time they move closer and closer to the spectator’s card…..every time the pack is spread they have moved closer. Finally they trap just one card – the correct one every time.

Learn the secret behind this great trick. Enjoy.

Search and Destroy Performance:

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Distortion Card Trick Revealed
(15 votes)

Distort their perception with this kliller trick!

The Effect: A card is chosen. In this case it is the Four of Diamonds. As you shake slowly the Four of Diamonds, the diamonds is visually multiply and move across the card to form Six of Diamonds.

Note: This trick has been performed by famous japanese magician Cyril Takayama on national television. Amazing!

Distortion Performance:

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Refined Tutorial
(4 votes)

Remember that card trick you learned when you were 8 years old? Josh Brand tweaked it a little, giving that fast, visual Dan and Dave style.


TG Murphy Deck Flip: The Trilogy
Clip Steal: Noblezada's Color Changes

The Performance:

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Mercury Aces Revealed
(5 votes)


Four cards individually reverse with a shocking conclusion

The Effect: Four regular cards are shown to your spectators. They're the four aces. In your hands, the cards are broght together in one pile. With a snap, one of the cards has reversed itself. And the conclusion is very shocking... All of the cards are not Aces but Kings!



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Elevation Card Trick by Cameron Francis Revealed
(8 votes)

Cameron Francis presents 100% completely impromptu card effects. This is commercial, easy card magic. No set-ups and no extra props. All you need is a deck, two hands, an interested spectator and you are set to amaze.

The Effect: Four phases of sandwich / elevator / twisting / transpo madness that will make you look like a sleight of hand god.


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