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David Blaine Gimmick Card Trick Revealed
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The Effect: The magician separates the cards into two deck. Each containing 10 cards. He gives one deck to the spectator and ask him to hold it face down. The magician then spreads his deck and ask the spectator to memorize one card. After that, the magician square up the deck and use his power to transfer the selected card into the other pile which is the card in spectator hand.

Original Performance by David Blaine:

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Just Joking by Jay Sankey Revealed
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This trick absolutely will baffle your spectators!

The Effect: The magician asks for a cad to be selected and returned to the deck. He then sends the two jokers into the deck to find the selection. He spreads through the deck and finds the two jokers with the selection in between. He removes the three cards and makes the selection vanish it is then found face up in the centre of the deck face-up.

Just Joking - Performance:

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Gambling Card Trick Revealed
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Another one of those gimmick card tricks revealed in this tutorial. Learn this cool card trick and win everytime you make a bet with your friends! Enjoy!

Full Speed Aces by Aldo Colombini Revealed
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The four Aces are used as aides to identify a selected card but surprisingly the final ace changes into the selection.

Full Speed Aces - Performance:

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Snow Ball by David Stone Revealed
(8 votes)

David Stone is one of the best close up magician!

A gambling routine by nature. Not only is it easy, and very impressive for lay people, but your audience will think you’re a card shark when you are finished. Learn this card trick for free!

Snow Ball by David Stone:

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