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Daniel Garcia - .44 Revealed
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.44 is beautiful, simple, and great impromptu card trick. I adopted .44 to an opener to an eventual spectator cutting to the aces! AMAZING!

A visual transposition of two packets of four cards (as chosen by spectators). An effect that can be performed spur of the moment.Four Aces held by a spectator transpose with the Jacks in your hand... twice. Each move is taught in unparalleled detail.

.44 Original Performance:


.44 Explanation:


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the venus trap is really cool!! and very easy to master!!!
rahul... , May 09, 2010
U can figured ot this color change its very simple ;]
Kupoludek , March 01, 2010
can you find out how to do digital convincion (on penguin magic), and liquid metal,- they are saing there is no gimmick for liquid metal i dont understant how to do that without gimmick, you can find the preformance on penguin magic too.
mg , January 28, 2010
It's not complete
Garcia does a little color change in second part of the trick. It's not in the tutorial, but I think we can figure it out for ourselves. Thanks for the tut anyway.
Mikz , January 27, 2010

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