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Daniel Garcia - Timeline 2.0 Revealed
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Powerful effects that are as visual as magic gets. Each is completely impromptu - no crazy gimmicks are required!

A card trick based on the mystery card plot.

The Effect: A card with an odd back is removed from your pocket as the 'prediction'. You have the spectator sign it across the back and it is placed securely into the card box - which is then held by the spectator.

You spread another deck and have a card selected. You ask the spectator if it matches the prediction in the case - but they find it has vanished. You tell them to turn over the card in their hand and it is the original signed prediction. Super simple. Incredibly powerful.

Original Performance:


The Explanation:


Other Explanation:


Comments (6)

That is not at all how the trick is performed haha.
Pablo is 100% right, this guy is COMPLETELY GUESSING!
Kh2os93 , June 07, 2012
Just one more comment....
This exposure video is actually a fine example of the difference between amateur and professional level magic.

"the only thing I can assume he's doing is either ... paid spectators ..."

Right. The secret behind the trick is to pay spectators. That's what Daniel will explain during the explanation section of this DVD. Just pay all your spectators. Idiotic.

"... or he's gonna be taking the card and ... do tenkai"

Tenkai? Seriously?

This explanation video is foolish and laughable at best. The only thing really "revealed" in the vid is that the host didn't buy the DVD either and that he didn't spend much time thinking about the possible method. I've come up with 3 alternate methods of completing this effect that would be absolutely possible even in the initial explanation segment with Dan White. All it takes is precision timing and practiced chops.

I certainly appreciate that the host has presented his take on how this might be achieved without purchasing the material. Trouble is, his take sucks.

I would recommend everyone who watches this faulty explanation vid and doesn't already own the source material take it as an opportunity and challenge to come up with your own better method of achieving the result (which is essentially getting the card out of the box). Doing so will stimulate you to find your own personal handling of a great effect and get your mind working in magic mode.

So, I guess in a way, thanks for the vid!

Even though it really sucked.
japandemic , March 12, 2010
japandemic , March 12, 2010
jacob's ledder
please can u explaine daniel gracia jacobs ledder trick please
mack , January 30, 2010
Actual Version
I failed to mention in the previous comment that this is not the method that D.G. uses to get the card out of the box. I'm not going to reveal the real version but watch the real demo with Dan White as the spec - he almost immediately hands the box out for examination making this a great street effect unlike Mr. Magician Revealer Jordan.
Pablo Bristly , January 29, 2010
I just realized that you dont actually own the DVD. Instead of revealing the effect as taught you would rather "assume" how he does it, and post a crappy tut hoping people will think you're cool. You suck!! You only revealed a guess which is aleady what everyone else is currently doing. Unless you own it and choose to share it, dont waste our time. Some idiot kid is going to go out and perform your sucky version and give D.G. a bad name.
Pablo Bristly , January 28, 2010

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