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How to Vanish a Deck of Card Tutorial
(44 votes)

One of the best magician not only on Youtube but that I have ever seen! - Brian

Learn how to vanish a deck of card routine from Dr. Xavier Perret. The author has more than 30 years professional experience in performing magic tricks, and now he would like to share his skills with all of us. Practice this amazing routine and share with all world!

How to vanish a deck of card tutorial:

Click read more for the tutorial on how to vanish a single card...

Signed Card Through Window Tutorial (With Gimmick)
(12 votes)

With gimmick, the trick is nearly self working and very easy to perform!

The card is signed and ends cleanly on the other side of the window. The spectator signed the card and they can retrieve the card by themselves. And of course, the spectator can keep the card as a souvenir. The magician ends totally clean.

Watch and enjoy the tutorial and let we know your opinion!

Signed card through window performance:

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Perfect by Mark Mason Revealed
(13 votes)

The magician explains to the spectators that every card has its matching pair (e.g. King of Diamonds, King of Hearts). A regular deck is shown and the spectator chooses one card. This card is removed from the deck and placed to one side on the table. The remaning cards are dealt one by one onto the table. The spectator can stop on any card without any forces! The card they stopped is put face up on the table. The first chosen card  now is revealed and it was a matching pair!

Perfect Performance:

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Clench by Calen Morelli Revealed
(12 votes)

Amazing! This is a small trick but it is supper effective!

The Effect: A spectator freely selects one card from deck, signs it, places it back to the deck and shuffles it. The magician then spread the cards and grab the spectator chosen card using his teeth. This trick can be be combined with any ambitious card routine!

Calen Morelli's Clench Performance:

Click read more for the tutorial...

Helter Skelter by Jay Sankey Revealed
(9 votes)

The Effect: The spectator shuffles the cards. The magician is explaining the difference between sanity and insanity. He divides the deck into 2 piles, and takes one pile and waves them together (all face down) and explains this is 'sane' way of shuffling. Next, he takes the other pile and shuffle them face up and face down and explains this is 'insanity' way of shuffling card. Magically, the magician wave his hand and shows that what was once the sane pile becomes the insane pile and vice versa...

This is a great trick by Jay Sankey and can be performed abouth anywhere and it's pretty easy and stands on the presentation to get the full impact. The setup of this trick is not complicated also, could be reset in a minute. Great tricks!


Helter Skelter Performance:

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