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The 4 Burglars Card Magic Tricks Revealed
(5 votes)
Effect: Cause Cards to do magical things! You'll learn how to do magic tricks just by watching the free videos. I've hand picked easy to learn magic tricks just for you.


Here Then There Card Trick Revealed
(1 vote)
This is an easy card trick popularized by the street magician David Blaine! The skills needed to master this trick are only double lift and triple lift. Enjoy the tutorial and let we know your opinion.

Elevator Card Trick Tutorial
(5 votes)

Amazing Elevator Card Trick Now Revealed ... a trick that you can do even without a tutorial. This is an easy to learn trick that is very impressive!


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Steve Fearson ThumbThing Revealed
(8 votes)

The Effect: Your thumb is stuck through a hole in two red cards which are stapled face to face. A BLUE card is pushed between the RED cards.. and right through your thumb!

Learn this trick for free at XPloreMagic.com!

The Performance:

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Terra Unfirma by Jay Sankey Revealed
(6 votes)
The Effect: A 'pretend hole' is stuck to a card and a moment later the hole becomes REAL! This trick is the most creative work of Jay Sankey, learn this trick for free at xploremagic.com!

Performance and Tutorial:

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