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WOW by Masuda Card Trick Revealed
(12 votes)
This is a HOT and brand new trick from Katsuya Masuda. You will say "Wow" when you see this one! This is the explanation for this cool card trick!

WOW Performance by Masuda

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Gimmicked Color Change Revealed
(1 vote)
In this video, Dave J. Caste will explain how to do the gimmicked card color change. Very easy card trick! You just need 3 different cards!

Houdini Card Trick Revealed
(4 votes)
This is the explanation for the houdini card trick! The effect: you take a rubberband and and take it around the deck and the spectators card would spin out. Amazing trick to impress your friends!


David Blaine Magical Straight Revealed
(1 vote)
This is one of the tricks where David Blaine performs it in his street magic show. The effect: Once a card is randomly taken from the deck, 3 separate shuffles and a little bit of magic make a straight miraculously appear – missing only the card originally taken. Now magician Stephane Vanel will teach you how to do this amazing trick!

Producing Four Aces Card Trick Revealed
(1 vote)
This is a cool card trick that will produce the four aces out of the shuffled deck. It’s easy to learn and will create a great magical atmosphere if the trick executed smoothly. What you need is obviously a deck of card and a little bit of practice, that’s all.

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