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Self Rising Card Trick Tutorial
(2 votes)
This is an easy impromptu trick for the card beginners! Spectator choose one card then the magician put the chosen card back to the deck. He shuffle the deck two or three times. The card is lost now. Using some magic, the magician make a spectator chosen card rising from the deck. Here is the performance and instructional video for this trick:

CLIPPED! Card Trick Tutorial
(5 votes)
CLIPPED card trick is an easy illusion to perform, yet you will amaze you audiences. In order to perform this trick, you only need 5 different cards and one clip. Learn how to perform this easy trick!

Fire and Ice Card Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
Really cool card trick in which the other person gets 2 cards and you throw the deck, but the cards are magically in your hand!!!! Watch and learn this how to and instructional video:


Abduction Card Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
Guys this is the tutorial for a cool trick called "abduction". Amazing card trick tutorial using Rubberband.

Amazing Hole Card Trick Explanation
(4 votes)
The magician make a hole in one card, then magically it jumps to another. Amazing magic yet easy to perform. Here is the performance and explanation for this trick:

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