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How To Perform The World's Greatest Card Magic by David Zanthor
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David Zanthor performs another stunning feat of card magic, and betrays magicians the world over by showing how it's done.


Learn How To Perform The Card Through a Window Illusion - Tutorial
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The world's most powerful magician, David Zanthor, shows us you how to throw a card through a window.

Learn Double Shocked Card Trick Tutorial
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This is Double Shock tutorial! It's a very good effect! Practise this trick before you perform it. If you unsmoth you're ruin it! So practice alot before you perform it! Thank you, and enjoy!

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Learn Several Card Magic Tutorial - All Amazing!
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Learn several different card tricks to impress your friends!! All tricks here is AMAZING! Learn how to do the two card monte, Color Change (Shapeshifter), Marlo Tilt, Erdnase Color Change, and The Pass.

NFW Free Card Tutorial
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Learn NFW card tutorial - 4 jokers will change to 4 kings. You just need: 2 jokers, 4 kings, and a double tape.

NFW Performance:

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