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Card Levitation Revealed
(7 votes)

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a card float from the palm of your hand. Once you learn the secret, you will be able to perform this illusion. Enjoy!

I Hate David Copperfield Trick Revealed
(14 votes)

This effect is soo visual that it looks like real magic! Easy to learn but shocking to behold!!

The short story behind the name of the trick:

The performer asks, "Would you like to see the I Hate David Copperfield trick? Do you know why I call it that? Because "I Hate David Copperfield". I actually don't hate him. He's a really nice guy and a great magician... it's just that every time people find out I'm a magician they start comparing me to him. "Can you walk through the Great Wall of China?" "Can you make the Statue of Liberty disappear?" "Do you date a super model?" That last one hurts the most. So I decided to do something Copperfield can't do. A close-up illusion that happens right before your eyes."

The performer then visibly and cleanly melts one card through another in a manner that looks like trick photography... but live in person, and he does it 3 times! Superb!

Twenty-five stars if that's possible! This is complete eye candy and very easy to execute!

The Performance:

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Unholy Gathering Finally Revealed
(5 votes)

This trick can get a HUGE reaction and best of all your audience will not have a clue how you did it!

An amazing routine where you perform a matrix effect with a playing card and a hole puncher. A signed selection has four holes punched in it -- one in each corner. The holes are visually moved one at a time until they are all in one corner of the card and the signed card is given as a souvenir.

Unholy Gathering Performance:

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Wayne Houchin Invisible Palm Revealed
(5 votes)

The Invisible Palm is one of Wayne Houchin lead up effects to performing Control at the Christmas Party. First created by Paul Harris and made popular by Wayne Houchin. Learn the great secrets at xploremagic.com!

Original Performance:

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That's Not Possible - Card Magic Tutorial
(10 votes)

Yes, this is good! Very good tricks, VERY well produced!

This trick is originally created by Paul Gordon and available on his book "Card Magic Companion".

This is the tutorial for fantastic card trick that you can do. Enjoy!

That's Not Possible Performance:

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