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Inv-Ace-Able Card Trick Revealed
(4 votes)

World's most amazing and weirdest card trick ever!

The Effect: The magician uses the 4 aces to make a signed selected card invisible. Simple direct impromtu effect great for table hopping. The aces look invisible to spectator eyes.

This effect relies heavily on the Sid Loraine Bottim Slip Force.

Original Performance:

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Hide and Seek Kings Tutorial
(6 votes)

This is the performance and tutorial for "hide and seek kings". A very great and cool routine created by Simon Lowell! Don't forget to practice this trick before you show it to your friends!

The Ultimate Transposition Two Tutorial
(7 votes)

The best card transposition ever!

The effect: The spectator shuffles the deck, and hands it to the magician. The magician then look at the top of the card, it's the King of Hearts. The magician takes the King of Hearts and places it in the middle of the deck. The next card is looked at. It’s the Ace of Spades. That card is given to the spectator to hold. The magician snaps his fingers, and tells the spectator to look at their card, and it’s now the King of Hearts. The magician show the middle of the deck, and pulls out the Ace of Spades.

Learn this amazing card tranposition only at xploremagic.com!

Two Card Transposition Performance:

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Torn Too by Daniel Garcia Revealed
(10 votes)


The Effect: You ripped the edge of card and position the chunk into place. As you wipe your thumb over the tear, the card is visually restored. Immediately give your spectator the signed card as a gift. It is completely RESTORED!


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Sam The Bellhop Revealed
(10 votes)

One of the best card tricks in history!

This trick is created by Bill Malone in 1994. He unveiled this trick to the world on the "World's Greatest Magic" television special. The routine is an offbeat card effect where cards are turned-over, in order, to tell a story. In this case, it's about Sam the bellhop and the mythical "654" club.

Key points to make this routine successfull: Story telling, Shuffles, Cuts, Personality and Performance.

Sam The Bellhop - Original Performance:

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