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Jacks Find Your Card Tutorial
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This is simple and easy card trick best to impress your friends. Completely impromptu with a little preparation.

The Effect: The 4 jacks find out the spectator chosen card that is put to the middle of the ordinary deck.

Floating Card Revealed
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Magic card trick where the card floats around on magician hand. Uses no wires or magnets or camera tricks. Can you figure it out?

Aldo Colombini Jumbo Coincidence Revealed
(11 votes)

A great and genius trick by Aldo Colombini

A great little piece that is more simple than a ham sandwich yet can fool the best of magicians.

The Effect: Two packets of jumbo half-cards are mixed. A spectator freely selects a card from one of the packets and leaves it protruding. You simultaneously turn the top cards of both packets face up showing the cards are different. Continue until the selected card is reached, it matches the card in the other pile. A perfect match.

Jumbo Coincidence Performance:

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Indecent by Wayne Houchin Revealed
(5 votes)

A card penetrates the bag right before your eyes


The effect: A card is selected from any deck. It's a free choice, no force at all. Then the spectator signed it. The card is then lost in the deck, then shuffled. The cards are then dribbled on top of a sealed Ziploc bag. Slowly, the bag is lifted up from underneath the chaos of cards to show that one card is sealed INSIDE the bag -- the spectator's signed card.

Indecent Original Performance:

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Cherry Control Revealed
(4 votes)

One of the most talked about card controls among the magician

This trick is originally developed by Rick Smith. For years, Ricky's technique for controlling a selected card to the top has been a favorite among professional card magicians. The actions are entirely motivated and there is nothing for your audience to suspect.

Cherry Card Control - Original Performance:

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