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Helter Skelter by Jay Sankey Revealed
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The Effect: The spectator shuffles the cards. The magician is explaining the difference between sanity and insanity. He divides the deck into 2 piles, and takes one pile and waves them together (all face down) and explains this is 'sane' way of shuffling. Next, he takes the other pile and shuffle them face up and face down and explains this is 'insanity' way of shuffling card. Magically, the magician wave his hand and shows that what was once the sane pile becomes the insane pile and vice versa...

This is a great trick by Jay Sankey and can be performed abouth anywhere and it's pretty easy and stands on the presentation to get the full impact. The setup of this trick is not complicated also, could be reset in a minute. Great tricks!


Helter Skelter Performance:


Helter Skelter Tutorial:


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