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Sam The Bellhop Revealed
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One of the best card tricks in history!

This trick is created by Bill Malone in 1994. He unveiled this trick to the world on the "World's Greatest Magic" television special. The routine is an offbeat card effect where cards are turned-over, in order, to tell a story. In this case, it's about Sam the bellhop and the mythical "654" club.

Key points to make this routine successfull: Story telling, Shuffles, Cuts, Personality and Performance.

Sam The Bellhop - Original Performance:


Sam The Bellhop - Explanation:


Comments (6)

good to know thanks
seymourmagic , October 12, 2012
Come on guys. the card trick was performed ten years earlier, in the 1984 movie "Brother From Another Planet".
PLUS HES FAT , May 10, 2011
I searched for this and found a comment that Frank paid someone a beer in exchange for the trick.. So he may not be the original after all..
gocat75 , September 11, 2010
older than that
my mom learned it when she was a small girl before 1950, but under the name Joe the Bartender. It's as old as the hills.
james myers , September 03, 2010
One has to wonder
I am posting this message, to update the readers of this page, about the actions I have taken to correct the inaccurate information contained in the description of the trick known as Sam the bellhop. I notified the administrators of this page the day of my first post. I have subsequently notified them a second time. As of yet I have not received any response. Not even an email to acknowledge receipt of either of my emails! One has to wonder, just how long it would take for them to respond to an email, informing them of someone taking credit for their work? This is not a joke to me. Peoples reputations are built or destroyed by such matters! Credit must go where credit is due. The fact that the people in charge of doing research for this page, didn't take the time to make sure of their facts before presenting them here, is more then a little shocking. I will leave it to the administrators of this page to explain their lack of response. In any case I am not going away until this matter is resolved!!

Friend of Frank
Friend of Frank , August 07, 2010
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this trick was not created by Bill Malone, It was in fact, created by Frank Everhart, in the 1950's.
friend of Frank , July 17, 2010

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