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Criss Angel Building Levitation Revealed by Masked Magician
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The famous Criss Angel illusion : Building Float Levitation finally revealed by Masked Magician. Watch the clip here for free at Xploremagic.com!

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No WIRES for Criss when levitating
Okay- my best friend bangs criss angel. Yes you heard me right. She screws him. She cannot tell me how it works due to paperwork but she says there are no wires and that it is so easy it's hilarious. I have researched up and down and cannot figure it out for the life of me! So frustrating.
Cant tell u , June 26, 2011
I know
I know the secrets of Criss Angel's works.
Levitation from one building to another is performed by using some invisible wires that are made of plastic.
You cannot see where they are, but they are used and are invisible.
Thank youi
Majid , February 16, 2011
Guess what!!!!
guys,criss angel is using an illusion,it's kind of wires inside his outfit when he raise his hands up he's levitated,that's not a better answer but that's what i think is right
Ketoz , November 10, 2010
lol get owned criss
@rob lolumadbro?
lol , October 17, 2010
Not How Angel Does It
This is NOT how Angel does it. I worked for two years as a drummer on the strip while Chris was also working there. I personally saw him do this over the strip. Not only was there no room for a crane, he also gave a ton of the people standing around binoculars, and he was also wearing a t-shirt (nowhere to hide the wires). Obviously, Chriss Angel isn't a wizard...or an angel...sorry, but this is definitely NOT how he's doing it. I was also there when he walked up the side of the MGM pyramid at night.
Rob , October 02, 2010
Its not magic or illusion or any thing even worth watching if he IS using camera trickery, paid audiences & high tech props. Houdini had no trick camera shots so I think ANY TRICK using camera tricks is NOT MAGIC any more but becomes just another cool Hollywood effect like all the other crazy stunts that Hollywood creates.
In this context, floating IS NOT very exciting any more is it?
I think we need a strict protocol of how to asses & judge a magician's talents before giving credit to these actors & camera tricks.
ellory mandancoma , March 23, 2010
this looks sooooo fake with or without wires. When crissangel does it, he even shows himself on the SPOV spectators point of view CAMERA. He got no wires attached, he asks people to check him before he leaves (above and below) that there is nothing hidden, spectators haven't even met him before. And when he lands he shows nothing suspicious, crissangel is a lot more clearer. he may be spiritual but i got no idea how he does the entertainment fly float for the audience, i luv criss!;o)
cooljay , September 03, 2009
i think there is a mental peice that why you didnt take th hoola hoop all the wayin him you did it halfway and back the other way
djflip , May 05, 2009

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