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Tenyo Super Spike Coin Through Bolt Magic Revealed
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This tutorial is the explanation for Tenyo super spike trick. Tenyo Ltd. is a toy manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. They specialize in magical goods and jigsaw puzzles. If you want to know the secret of this trick, go ahead watch the tutorial. The basic principle of this trick together with the design of the gimmick will be ellaborated. Enjoy the tutorial guys!

Super Spike Coin Through Bolt Performance:

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Rubberband to Wrist Tutorial
(20 votes)

Really love rubberband magic! Genius! - Haris Jackson

In this tutorial, master magician Juan Fernando will teach you how to perform a basic yet interesting rubberband trick. The effect: The magician wrap the rubberband around his four fingers. With simple tap the rubberband jumps from the fingers to the wrist.

Rubberband to Wrist Performance and Tutorial:

How to Vanish a Deck of Card Tutorial
(40 votes)

One of the best magician not only on Youtube but that I have ever seen! - Brian

Learn how to vanish a deck of card routine from Dr. Xavier Perret. The author has more than 30 years professional experience in performing magic tricks, and now he would like to share his skills with all of us. Practice this amazing routine and share with all world!

How to vanish a deck of card tutorial:

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Transit Revealed
(34 votes)

The rubberband jumps from one finger to another - to another!

The Effect: The ungimmicked rubber band is wrapped and secured around magician finger. With no strange moves, she begins waving her hand gently. As she waves, the rubber band visibly jumps to her second finger.

Transit original performance:

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Quick Change Artists Revealed
(16 votes)

The Performance: The magician changes quickly within seconds from one costume into another costume in front of the audience.

This video tutorial will show you the greatest secret behind the Quick Change Artists trick. Your opinions and comments would be highly appreciated.

Click here if you would like to learn an easy fast dress change which can be done at home.

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