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Jumping Rubberband Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
Learn how to perform the rubber band trick in your office in this free magic tricks video clip from our professional magician entertainer. Learn how to make rubber bands jump around your fingers!

Match Penetration Tutorial!
(2 votes)
I'll show you how two regular wooden matches can go through each other. A very easy magic trick that with some practice can amaze friends and family.

Matchstick Penetration Performance:

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Easy Pen Magic (Read Mind) Tricks Revealed
(20 votes)
Read Straight Through Paper in this Easy Magic Trick that will Amaze Your Friends and Family! What you need is just three pen and a piece of paper!

Very Cool Mind Reading Trick! Try to yourself!
(14 votes)
This mind reading trick is very cools. It does read my mind accurately. How about you? If you follow the instructions currectly and promptly, this trick really can read your mind! Any comment is greatly appreciated!

Reading Mind Trick 1:

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Learn Free Cups And Balls Tutorial
(3 votes)
The cups and balls is a classic of magic with many adaptations. The effect known as acetabula et calculi was performed by Roman conjurers as far back as two thousand years ago. Now, you can learn this classic magic trick for free.

Cups and Balls - Tutorial


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