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How to do the Snap Change - Free Tutorial
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A quick 1 minute how to video: This video will show and teach you how to do the snap change. This is a really amazing magic trick! It is one of those super fast card tricks that get an instant reaction from your spectators. It lets you visually change any one card into another card instantly! It is used by many well known magicians such as David Blaine!

Masked Magician & Guillotine
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Note: This trick is very dangerous! The magician who performs this illusion is highly trained! Do not try this illusion at home!

The masked magician will cheat death when facing the sharp blade of guillotine. Watch and learn how he do this trick.

Oil & Water Card Trick Explanation
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This is the explanation for the famous card trick Oil and Water, where black and red cards get mixed together but kept separated magically like oil and water.

Blank Bill Change Tutorial!
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The effect: The magician pulls out a blank piece of paper from his wallet claiming that it's real money. When the spectators express their disbelief, the magician visually changes the blank piece of paper into a real dollar bill!

You just need: regular white sheet of paper, a dollar bill, scissors, and adhesive: scotch double side tape.

Learn Climbing Ring (Anti Gravity Ring) Trick for Free
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The Climbing Ring (Anti Gravity Ring) Revealed.. You just need: a rubberband and a ring. Completely impromptu!


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