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Ring On Rubber Band Revealed!
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Here's the tutorial on the impressive ring on rubber band trick. All you need is one ring, one rubber band, and some practice. Enjoy!

Learn King Levitation Trick (Revealed)
(4 votes)
In looks and effect, King Levitation beats the Balducci Levitation, but the Balducci wins for over-all do-it-anywhere-any-time action. It is totally impromptu and has the same anytime any place nature.

This clip teach you how to do king levitation!

King Rising Levitation Performance:

Click read more for the tutorial...

Learn Balducci Self Levitation (Revealed)
(8 votes)
The Balducci Levitation is an illusion that can be performed almost anywhere, anytime. The performer stands at a distance of 2-3 feet away from the spectator and then slowly starts to ascends and thus begins to leave the ground base. His spectator can clearly see him in the air without the aid of any visual support and then after couple of seconds the performer crashes back to the ground. This is one of the best impromtu levitation ever devised and also was performed in a magic special by DAVID BLAINE himself.

Now this clip will explain exactly how to make yourself float like Balducci. Including 6 bits of expert advice.

Learn Wild Levitation (Tutorial) - Revealed
(2 votes)
Learn how to preform amazing and easy levitation anywhere anytime! Impromptu!

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David Blaine Levitation Trick Exposed - Revealed
(6 votes)
Watch and learn how David Blaine and Criss Angel can levitate and manipulate gravity.

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