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Learn How To Move Two Cigarettes With Static Electricity
(3 votes)
Truly Amazing Trick! See how you can move two cigarettes with static electricity!

Learn Blown Away Trick: Cigarette, Coin, and Glass
(1 vote)
Very Cool Bar Trick. Stack a business card, a cigarette and a coin on a glass. Now remove only the business card and the cigarette so that the coin falls into the glass. This is a very cool bar trick. You can perform the bar trick with simple objects that you can find in any bar. The Bar Trick seems impossible and that is why it is so cool.

Heads or Tails - How To Win Every Time! Tutorial
(8 votes)
Become the master of Heads and Tails. With this secret technique you can predict and even produce any outcome you like. This is the secret that will let you win heads or tails every time.

Great Coin Puzzle Tutorial
(1 vote)
Great simple coin puzzle for winning beers. You show five moves and ask someone to repeat them - believe me, they can't do it!

Coin Tricks For Winning Beers Tutorial
(2 votes)
Nice little coin trick for winning beers or money. A cool coin puzzle with a nice effect.

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