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Free Bar Magic Tutorial
(1 vote)

This trick balances on the edge between a bar and a magic trick. Make a match move inside a glass without touching anything!!

Cool Bar Bet Free Tutorial
(1 vote)
A little coin puzzle that can win you beers. Challenge your friends or use this bar bet to win beers.

Learn How To Pass A Big Coin Through A Very Small Hole Bar Tricks
(2 votes)
Get a big coin through a very small hole. It seems impossible but yet if you know the secret it can be done.

How To Perform The Arrow Through A Lady Illusion - Revealed
(1 vote)
The ever-impressive David Zanthor demonstrates how to shoot an arrow through a woman. It's astonishing and he tells you how it's done!

Coin Bar Trick Free Tutorial
(2 votes)
If you know the secret technique you can do it. If not it is hard to figure out. A cool coin trick that is great for bets.

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