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Learn Very Cool Lighter Trick
(1 vote)
Truely Amazing Lighter Trick!! With this Great Bar Trick you can win some money or beers !

Lighter Trick - Variations With Bottles Tutorial
(1 vote)

Learn Cool Variations of the Amazing Lighter Trick with Bottles.

Newspaper Bottle Opener Tutorial
(1 vote)
I'll bet that I can open a beer with a newspaper. Do you think it sounds hard - think again and watch this trick.

Learn Free Bar Trick: The Trapped Bill
(1 vote)
Remove a bill from in between two bottles! Brilliant Bar Trick !! - Fantastic for winning beers!

Learn Bill Beneath Bottle Trick
(1 vote)
Cool variation of the bill beneath bottle trick - new amazing technique!! Remove a bill from underneath a bottle without touching the bottle.

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