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Sands of the Desert (AKA Hindu Sands) Revealed
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The Effect: The magician showed us there are three dishes that filled with red, yellow and green magical hindu sands. The magician then swishes his hand in the water and causing it to be dark so the audiences cannot see the bowl inside. The magician take red sand and places it into the water and followed with the green and yellow sand. Using his hand he stirs the mixture of sand in the water. The magician then dries his hand, showing them empty, reaches the bowl of water and brings out a handful of red sand and holds it over a plate. The sands flow freely from his hand and the sand is completely DRY! This process is repeated for yellow and green sands! Amazing!

Hindu Sands Performance:

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How to Make a Thumb-Tip
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A thumb tip is a magician's prop used for vanishing, producing, or switching small objects. A classic effect is to have a silk handkerchief or other small object pressed into the top of the left fist. After pushing it well in with the right thumb, the left fist is opened to show the silk has disappeared. These appearances and disappearances are achieved by a small flesh-colored imitation thumb tip, usually made of plastic or rubber, which fits loosely over the thumb. Space exists between the thumb and the tip in which a small object can be concealed.

The thumb tip is usually sold in a magic store with many different sizes, but if you couldn't find the one that fit your thumb perfectly then you could make your own from latex milk. This video will teach you how to make your own thumb-tip which can be used in some tricks.

What you need to buy: plaster or cement, latex milk and modeling clay . You will also need: A stick or a screw, 4 cups, a pair of scissors, a needle or something with a sharp end and your thumb.


How to make a thumb-tip part 1:

Burned Revealed
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This is your start in being able to walk anywhere and create illusion

Warning: This trick using fire. If you are under 18 years old please only use fire under supervision of parent or guardian.

The spectator choose one card. It is completely free choice. The card is then lost in the deck and the magician have no idea where and what is the card is. The magician then roll up the sleeve and rub some ashes along his arm. The spectator's chosen card is seen cleary, written in ashes on his arm.


Burned Performance:

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Renegade Revealed
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The Effect: The magician shuffle a deck then your spectator choose one card. The card is lost in the deck. The magician then shuffle the deck and made the cards completely messed up, some cards are going face up and some face down.  In the ending, the magician snap his finger and the deck is magically restored to conformity. All cards face the same way except the spectator's chosen card!

Renegade Performance:

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Souvenir Linking Rubber Bands Revealed
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After performing your two favorite tricks with rubber band routine (for example crazy man handcuff), you tell the spectators how if you show them one more trick. You hand out two loose single bands to be examined. You then display the two single bands at your fingertips…then have someone press two of the loose strands together. The two bands link while still in her fingers! Then you give them away as a souvenir.

This is one of the very great rubber band tricks for you!

SLR Performance:

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