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The Mismade Girl Revealed
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The Effect:

Four cubes with open top and bottom are stacked to form a cabinet. An assistant stands inside and the cabinet is closed. Metal blades are slid into the cabinet, apparently slicing the assistant into four pieces, and closing the top and bottom of each cube. The cubes are then unstacked, and restacked in a different order. Inset doors in the front of the cabinet are opened, and it appears that the assistant's body has divided and rearranged. The whole process is then reversed, and the assistant is released unharmed.

The Mismade Girl Performance:

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Zig Zag Girl Revealed
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Since its invention in the mid 1960s, it has been hailed as one of the greatest illusions ever invented

The Effect:

The assistant (usually a woman) is placed in an upright cabinet, her face, hands, and left foot visible through openings in the cabinet's front. Large, metallic blades are inserted horizontally in the cabinet's mid-section, dividing it — and presumably the assistant inside — into thirds. The magician then slides the cabinet's mid-section apart from the cabinet's top and bottom thirds, giving the appearance that the assistant's mid-section has been pulled away from the rest of her, giving her a "zig-zag" shape. While divided, a small door on the cabinet's mid-section can be opened to examine — even touch — the assistant's body inside, a duty frequently performed by an audience member brought up on stage to help perform the illusion. At the completion of the illusion, the assistant's mid-section is slid back into place, the two blades removed, and she steps out of the cabinet unscathed.

Zig Zag Girl Performance:

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Spirit Cabinet Revealed
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In the early part of last centuries, the great Harry Houdini spent most of his time debunking phony psychics and fake medium. In this video, the Masked Magician are about to do the same thing. He will revealed the secrets of classic illusion involving spirit and supernatural.

Spirit Cabinet Performance:

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Top Shot by Lennart Green Revealed
(11 votes)

Extremelly difficult but the effect is superb!

The fastest, coolest way, to reveal a named card ever! Yes, this works with any card called for. If you blink you will miss it! One of the card routine that always shown by Lennart Green on his show.

Top Shot Performance by Lennart Green:

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Unholy Gathering Finally Revealed
(5 votes)

This trick can get a HUGE reaction and best of all your audience will not have a clue how you did it!

An amazing routine where you perform a matrix effect with a playing card and a hole puncher. A signed selection has four holes punched in it -- one in each corner. The holes are visually moved one at a time until they are all in one corner of the card and the signed card is given as a souvenir.

Unholy Gathering Performance:

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