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Coin Change Routine Tutorial
(14 votes)

Amazing coin change routine that will establish you as a PRO!

This coin change routine is an introduction you want if you are opening a set. No talking necessary, so its perfect for loud environment. This trick is perfect for eye-popping routine. Watch, enjoy, and be amazed!

Performance and Tutorial:

Signed Card Through Window Tutorial (With Gimmick)
(9 votes)

With gimmick, the trick is nearly self working and very easy to perform!

The card is signed and ends cleanly on the other side of the window. The spectator signed the card and they can retrieve the card by themselves. And of course, the spectator can keep the card as a souvenir. The magician ends totally clean.

Watch and enjoy the tutorial and let we know your opinion!

Signed card through window performance:

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Devil's Colla Bottle Revealed
(59 votes)

Imagine holding a bottle in your hand. Concentrating on it! And it explodes!

This is a great magic trick which will blow up your spectator mind and has been performed by many magician, including but not limited to Penn & Teller, Keith Barry, and James T Clark. No skill is required to perform this trick! No magnet, no string, no pull, no mechanics of any kind!

This trick is known also as Devil's Flask.

Devil's Colla Bottle Demo:

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Two Dollar Window Tutorial
(27 votes)

So simple, So powerful. everyone should know this to switch up a street magic act, get your mind out of cards and coins for street magic.

The Effect: Two 1 dollar bills change visually into a 2 dollar bill, then change back as visual as the first one. The bills are fully examinable.

The tutorial explains how the gimmick is made as well as with the performance and showmanship. The gimmick takes a little time to setup, so it is amazing and easy trick to perform.

Two Dollar Window Tutorial #1:

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Centrifugal Coin Trick
(19 votes)

The easiest and the most amazing tricks ever!

To perform this trick, all you need is just a coin and a plastic coat hanger. Balance the coin in the middle of the hanger and just start spinning the hanger around. The moment you stop spinning, the coin is still balanced in the middle of the hanger. Amazing! Please try this trick by yourself at home.

Centrifugal Coin Trick Tutorial:

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