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Ring Heist by Marcus Eddie Revealed
(3 votes)

Ring heist is an awesome rubberband trick! Totally impromptu, very visual, and simple!

The effect: Borrow a ring from your spectator and securely tied it onto a rubberband. Take a second rubberband and shows to your spectator how easy the ring leaps from one rubber band to another. Very simple trick, easy to learn, yet powerful enough to amaze your audiences!

Ring Heist original performance:

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Armband by Marcus Eddie Revealed
(4 votes)

Armband is the coolest trick to get your rubberband back to your arm! This routine is suitable to be used in opening or closing of your magic show! Very easy to do and highly suitable for beginners.

Armband original performance:

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Perfect by Mark Mason Revealed
(13 votes)

The magician explains to the spectators that every card has its matching pair (e.g. King of Diamonds, King of Hearts). A regular deck is shown and the spectator chooses one card. This card is removed from the deck and placed to one side on the table. The remaning cards are dealt one by one onto the table. The spectator can stop on any card without any forces! The card they stopped is put face up on the table. The first chosen card  now is revealed and it was a matching pair!

Perfect Performance:

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Mouth Coil Magic Revealed
(13 votes)


The magician produce a seemingly endless stream of colorfull coiled paper from his mouth. This is a great routine suitable for birthday party to entertain your audience!

Mouth Coil Performance:

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Criss Angel Luxor Light Levitation Revealed
(24 votes)

Did you ever wonder how Criss Angel levitate at the top of Luxor pyramid? This is a mind blowing levitation trick that has puzzled many skpetics around the world. Find out the secret of this trick only at XPloreMagic.com!

Secrets: This trick was accomplished using Black Light Theatre technique, special invisible cable, and a helicopter.

Criss Angel - Luxor Levitation Original Performance:

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