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Infinity Bend Revealed
(12 votes)

Solid and hard hitting magic! Most visual coin bends ever seen!

The effect: You borrow a coin from the spectator and bend it in the full view at your finger tips. No cover up and wide open performance is possible.

You need a cheap gimmick like tin foil to perform this amazing coin bends.


Infinity Bend Performance:

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Dr. Daleys Last Trick Revealed
(7 votes)

This classic trick was made popular by Dr. Jacob Daley on the 1940 or 1950. This handling can be found also on Dai Vernon Book of Magic.

The Effect: Four aces are shown and put in magician hand face down. Two aces are shown and placed face down in the spectator hand. The magician then turn over his two aces who was supposed to be the spectator's card and vice versa.

Learn this simple yet effective routine and start amaze your friends!

Find out another Dr. Daley routine: The Daley Show.

Dr. Daleys Last Trick Performance:

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The Daley Show Revealed
(4 votes)

Everything you need is just four Aces! Can it get better than that!? YES, it can! The routine is so simple that it is actually IMPOSSIBLE to fail. This can be performed anywhere, anytime!

This trick was created by Dr. Jacob Daley, a fabled inner circle magician of the 1940 and 1950. Besides a magician, he was a preeminent plastic surgeon in the New York area. One of his famous routine today was Dr. Daley's Last Trick.

Elegant, simple, yet effective! You will like this one!

The Daley Show Performance:

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Mentalism with CD Trick Tutorial
(56 votes)

If you are a fan of mentalism, you definitely will like this magic trick. This trick also will get you on the fast track to becoming known as a Mentalist!

Learn how to predict which CD or DVD someone will select! Amaze your spectators with this killer mentalism trick!

Difficulty: This trick is easy once you know the secret...

X-Finger Trick Revealed
(7 votes)

Imagine being able to write the word magic on your finger and with the shake of your hand that word transform into trick. That is some possibilites that you can do with X-Finger principles. Completey impromptu. No gimmicks required!

X-Finger Performance:

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