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How to Make Magic Flash Paper
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Magician used magic flash paper in their shows and it is very expensive to buy. Here's the video that will teach you how to make your own flash paper the easy way.

Russian Roulette Trick Revealed
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Russian Roulette is a potentially lethal game in which the magician places the blade point up in the circular base and he asked the assistant to put up the ordinary styrofoam cup to each of the blade and base to hide it from the view. Then the magician crushing each of the cup until he finds the one with the sword.

Warning: This trick is very dangerous, do not try this at home!

Russian Roulette with Blade Revealed:

Signed Card to Shoe Revealed
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A Closely Guarded Secrets Finally Revealed!

The Effect: Any card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. After a lot of shuffle and cuts, the cards are drop off. The magician slowly removes his foot from inside his shoe. A card is clearly seen inside. Pick up the shoe and remove the card it really is their signed card.

This trick doesn't require any gimmick and the preparation is also very easy.

The Miller Cascade Control Tutorial
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The Miller Cascade Control, credits by Charlie Miller is a beautifull control and easy to perform. It's natural, invisible and clean control, your spectators can be burning your hands and there's nothing to suspect.

The Miller Cascade Control Performance:

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Ringtone by Adam Grace Revealed
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The Effect: The magician hijack the ringtone off their phone. When someone calls, their phone lights up as usual but the ringtone is different... They play a new song and their original song is gone.

Ringtone is a simple trick. Great tricks are simple. No Bluetooth, no downloading, no fuss, no muss. You just need one special GIMMICK! Pick up your copy of Ringtone today and start intercepting your friend's ringtones! Works on any cellphone!


Ringtone Performance:

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