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Venus Trap by Chriss Brown Revealed
(9 votes)

Equipped with this powerfull weapon, The Venus Trap, you will be able to show a single card and invisibly switch it for another. This is just one of the many application you'll acquire with the Venus Trap. The possibilities is endless...

Venus Trap Performance:

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Cartier Change By David Jade Revealed
(8 votes)

This is the most visual color change, like a camera trick!

The magician show the card which is never fully covered and visually the card morphs into a spectator selection, just looks like a camera trick. No gimmicks required, no suspicious actions, and the ending is very clean. Cartier is the most visual color change that you will enjoy!

Cartier Performance:

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Bigger Finish by Jay Sankey Revealed
(10 votes)

Ideal trick for restaurant and walkaround work!

The Effect: A card is selected and returned to the pack. Four cards are then removed from the deck and the spectator is asked if her card is among them. It is! All four cards are given to the spectator to hold between her closed hands, but when she opens her hands she finds that they have melted into a SINGLE JUMBO CARD! When she unfolds the jumbo card, it's found to match to her selection!!!

Bigger Finish Performance:

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Signed Card Through Window Tutorial (Without Gimmick)
(36 votes)

For the first time in a card through window effect with no gimmick involve! Very clean, nearly self working, no assistant needed and very easy to do!

A card is signed, and ends clean on the other side of the glass. Performed live without the help of assistance or anyone else. Have a spectator freely pick a card from a regular deck of Bicycle Cards. The card is chosen, and can be signed. The Magician then takes the signed card and without funny moves, he palm the card into a glass and showing the other hand is empty. At the other side of the glass you could see the spectator's chosen card! Amazing!


Signed Card Through Window - Performance and Tutorial:

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Math Mind Reading Trick Tutorial
(61 votes)

How if you can read your friend's mind using a simple mathematical tricks? Isn't it cool to freak out them? Then here is the tutorial on how to read your spectator's mind just using a simple mathematical formula. Actually nobody can't really read minds. But you can fool people into thinking you can, or at least into thinking that you are extremely observant of body language :). Enjoy the tutorial, and let me know if you have any questions.

Math Mind Reading Performance:

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